DBS Recycling Games

DBS Recycling Games

For DBS's recycling campaign, we created a series of 3 game stations for them to engage the public in recycling. If you are looking for similar games for your event or would like us to come up with new ones, do feel free to hit the chat with us button or email us at hello@papercarpenter.com!


The first game, SORT THE TRASH uses a pulling mechanism. Players have to guide the given balls which are the "trash", into the top row of recyclables and sort them into either metal, plastic, paper or compostable. They have to avoid the large holes of Semakau Landfill, reservoir, Singapore river and general waste bins in order to win. It's a test of your accuracy, so be precise and concentrate!😉


The second game, TOSS THAT TRASH allows the public to bring their own recyclables and sort them into our recyclable bins by tossing. 


The third game, MATCH THAT TRASH requires players to match the cards into its correct recycling category. Once done, they press the green button to check whether they are right. When the board lights up, then congratulations! If not, have another go.