The PaperConnect™️ System is easy to handle, and can be easily assembled and dismantled without the use of any tools. Furthermore, it is easy to cut, and with some creative input, everyone can build anything they want.

The system comprises of hollow, highly compressed paper square bars, which are joined up with recyclable plastic connectors in various configurations to build desired structures.

The materials used are 100% recyclable from sustainable resources. The sky's the limit with Cardboard Carpentry™️ and the PaperConnect™️ System.

Gaia Boards

Gaia Boards are our special range of light-weight, yet strong corrugated boards made from environmentally friendly materials like cardboard.

Classified as B1 under the Fire-Retardant Certification, our Gaia Boards™️ are fire-resistant treated and has an unmatched record of protection against flame spreads, smoke development, and are water-resistant.

It is 100% recyclable and are the ideal material for many different purposes; ranging from cardboard crafts for keepsakes, to big exhibition booths and more.

Our Gaia Boards are certified compatible, approved by HP, for all types of print.