Le Corbusier: The Travelling Exhibition

Le Corbusier: The Travelling Exhibition

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The Travelling Exhibition revolves around the built and unbuilt works of the icon of modernist architecture, Le Corbusier. As a tradition, each intern that comes through the office is tasked with making a model of a built or unbuilt project designed by Le Corbusier. Over the years, interns past and present, have added to the private collection. Due to the temporal nature of the exhibition and the need to bring the exhibits to multiple venues, custom pedestals were designed to accommodate flexibility and ease of assembly and transportation.

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To address the challenges of multiple usages and frequent moving, sustainable materials were utilized – honeycomb boards that are lightweight, sturdy, and collapsible, allowing them to be flat-packed to save transport costs. This is where Paper Carpenter comes in. With their cardboard carpentry technique, they eliminated the need for glue or screws, and the pedestals are instead made up of two main parts and locking components, allowing for ease of assembly, disassembly, and transportation. The pedestals allow for versatility in configuration to adapt to the unique spatial requirements of different venues.


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With every venue, the exhibition adopts a different curatorial theme: Exhibition at NUS: Model Insights focuses on the different construction methods and techniques for building the unique forms and details of Corbusier’s built and unbuilt works. Exhibition at SUTD: Now Boarding: Le Corbusier focuses on geography, bringing the works of Le Corbusier from around the world to SUTD. Exhibition at NDC: LC101, features the works of Le Corbusier – ranging from Architectural to furnishings and artworks, making it accessible for all in the heart of town.

In this post-pandemic period of limited travel, the Travelling Exhibition aims to make the works of Le Corbusier accessible to a wider audience. The collection of Le Corbusier’s works forms priceless lessons for interns, architects, and the general public alike—today and in the future.