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Our work with the NLB where we were tasked to bring to life imagery from selected books. The structure mainly comprises our vertical fluted GAIA BOARDS slotted together to create a triceratops.

The second in this series with NLB is our giant cardboard crab standing atop an equally giant plate. This structure features our vertical flute GAIA BOARDS precisely cut and slotted together.

Our third item in this project are a group of penguins hanging out together around some ice structures. These feature our usual horizontal flute GAIA BOARDS but have internal supports to give it more structural integrity while remaining lightweight.This incredible science themed piece depicts a microscope surrounded by the natural world that it studies.

Fun Fact: This display is made by layering our precision cut GAIA BOARDS to create a 3d object, a technique we've nicknamed "lapis" after "Kueh Lapis"

The 5th our NLB series, one of the most interesting of the collection, this is a sci-fi inspired geodesic biome with alien flora inhabiting it.

This fantastical overgrown mushroom cottage is our 6th in the series with NLB and shows more of the cardboards natural kraft colour and texture from our vertical boards.

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