Increased Publicity Through Customised PR Boxes

Increased Publicity Through Customised PR Boxes

The proliferation of the internet and smartphones has spawned a wave of weird, exciting, funny, and insightful trends, from TikTok dances to glow-up tutorials and product reviews. Of the new trends and one most pertinent to companies is the unboxing trend, where customers or influencers film their experience unpacking new products. 

According to Google, the amount of time people have spent watching unboxing videos on their phones is the equivalent of watching the holiday classic “Love Actually” more than 20 million times. 

Despite the absurd amount of views, this trend presents a wonderful opportunity for companies; they can shape publicity and perception by providing influencers with customised PR boxes aligned with their PR goals and objectives.

The Best Type of Publicity is Positive

In the days of yore, it used to be - as an American showman and circus owner Phineas T.Barnum famously said “Any publicity is good publicity”. 

But that’s not so true today; in the wake of the digital revolution, cancel culture, and a myriad of consumer options, bad publicity might very well be what destroys a company. 

Today, positive publicity should be what everything a company aspires towards. It is a magnet for new investors, fosters employee loyalty, and attracts new customers. 

Despite how important positive publicity is, it isn’t so easy to acquire. Consumers generally frown on ads, so they aren’t the best way to generate good publicity. Third-party arbiters and word-of-mouth recommendations generally hold greater sway in directing public opinion. 

In this digital era where internet consumption and social media has become a pillar in the lives of consumers, companies can have a greater influence over how to shape public perception and promote their products with a customised PR box.

What is a PR Box? 

A PR box is a package of items or products that a brand sends to publications and/or influencers with the goal of increasing the brand’s publicity.

How the Design of a Customised PR Box Can Generate Positive Publicity

Among the good qualities for a company to have in generating positive publicity, characteristics such as good management, leadership, business and financial planning are subjective and can influence publicity in either a positive or negative way. 

On the other hand, product build quality, customer service, social and environmental awareness, directly affect the consumers and are far more likely to have an impact in yielding positive publicity.

Boosting your Brand’s Presence with a Well-designed PR Box

A captivating PR box is able to grab the attention of publications and influencers, and at the same time generate publicity by having these placing your brand and products in the limelight.

Boosting your Brand’s Presence with a Well-designed PR Box

Boosting your Brand’s Presence with a Well-designed PR Box 1

OCBC Christmas Box

What’s more, packaging from Paper Carpenter is made from a unique blend of cardboard, theGaia Boards™, that is 100% recyclable from sustainable resources , fire resistant, light and durable. For brands that are looking to adopt sustainable practices, these eco-friendly PR boxes could be just the perfect fit.

What this means is that beyond having a wide variety of applications and being sustainably sourced, is that boxes made by us feel premium due to its aesthetic design - and these are the types of PR boxes that capture the attention of influencers and publications.

After all, there is no guarantee that a publication would cover your brand story, especially if your PR kit doesn’t stand out.

Captivate Journalists with Customised PR Boxes

Catching the eye of journalists and influencers can be challenging, since these people get PR Boxes on a daily basis. So, how can your brand shine amidst the ocean of PR kits that get filtered everyday? One way would be through alluring design.

Design is deeply ingrained in our DNA in the form of Cardboard Carpentry™; we’ve developed several ways to mould cardboard in a way that achieves desirable and aesthetic results. This also means that going for the conventional box-shaped PR kit may not be your wisest investment. 

So, how can you outshine your competitors?

Consider This: Your PR Box doesn’t have to be a ‘Box’

With Cardboard Carpentry™, we’ve created PR Boxes a cut above the rest. Take for example this camera shaped box we designed. Now that’s a box that stands out! Versus the usual squarish boxes that spell boring, a unique box certainly triggers curiosity, resulting in higher open rates and better chances of getting coverage.

Consider This: Your PR Box doesn’t have to be a ‘Box’

Pinhole Camera for Polaroid

Looking for a Unique Customised PR Box?

Look no further! Paper Carpenter has spent decades refining and perfecting our craft. Reach out to us here to learn how we can help take your PR kits to new heights.